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Black & Grey Picture Frames

Don't let yourself be fooled by the title of this collection - our black and grey picture frames included in this range come in more than just two shades! You can also choose from stained wood frames, those painted with glossy or matt tones, those decorated with luxurious gold or silver trim, or those with neutral wood grain colourings.
All frames sold are ideally suited to highlighting their contents. After all, a good picture frame should generally draw attention to whatever it holds, rather than itself. Use these understated frames to show off your photographs of family and friends, enable any artwork you have to speak for itself, and demonstrate some pride in your achievements by featuring certificates and awards. The contrast offered by glossy black frames can help draw the eye to images, while lighter grey frames, for example our confetti grey option, contributes to minimalist looks in a subtle way. Even simplistic designs and monochrome images, such as pencil sketches, can benefit from being highlighted by frames such as these.
The shades in this collection are perfect for fitting in with popular interior design themes. Nordic minimalism, which focuses on shades of white, grey and black, sometimes along with the subtle introduction of other muted hues, is particularly trendy at the moment. The style gives off an air of high class and sleek sophistication, and often features understated frames, such as those you can see in this section. Grey-scale frames allow you to bring life to your walls by showing off the things you love, while avoiding a cluttered look.
If you have images with a single theme, such as photos from a particular family holiday or event, a collection of frames in the same shade, but of varying sizes, can achieve real impact when used to display them. This creates a minimalistic and modern mini art installation, with real meaning to you and your loved ones, within your very own home. The variety of designs and shapes available from us ensure that you can choose frames for your photographs and other images which feel personal, and are customised to fit with your idea of what a home should be.
And what's the best thing about blacks and greys with regard to home decor? They won't clash with other colours included in your scheme, no matter which other hues you may have selected. Additionally, selecting frames from this range will allow you to avoid trying to match colours from your existing scheme to those that are available in frames. Slight mismatches in colour can make otherwise aesthetically pleasing interior design appear cluttered, particularly if you have colourful walls.
Note that these frames can be customised to suit your needs, whatever they may be. You can easily compare prices by entering sizes, or selecting from the popular dimensions options. Our Frame Designer feature gives you even more control, ensuring that your purchase is ideally suited to your home.
You are viewing our range of Black and Grey picture frames. All of these frames can be custom made to your exact specification. To compare prices of the different moulding styles please enter your sizes to the left or select from the popular sizes in metric or imperial. To customise the frames with different mounts and glazing please click the "Frame Designer" button under each moulding image to proceed to our custom picture frame designer.