Published: 10/06/2015 13:21:58

Get the metallic look with the Ferrosa Picture frame range.

Lancaster picture frame Metals are a great look for any interior space, whether you're going for industrial chic, clean and modern or shabby vintage. Metal picture frames can be a pain though; they need to be cleaned and polished, and how you do so depends on the metal they're made from. Our new Ferrosa frame range is the perfect solution. These wooden frames come finished in a number of metallics, including bronze, iron and pewter, so you can get the metal look without the cost or hassle of caring for a metal frame.

Modern Look

Lancaster picture frame Our Ferrosa frames present a strong and striking picture, the dimpled mouldings breaking up the stark blocks of colour and giving them a subtle look of having been forged and hammered. Their contemporary style is both sophisticated and edgy, bound to highlight a photo or painting, as well as serve as their own piece of art. With the co-ordinating mount slips you can create a great block effect, which really emphasises their contemporary appearance by combining the smooth colours with sharp blocks of alternating dark and light.

Shabby Chic

Lancaster picture frame The bronze frame has a rustic, vintage look, which would look great with traditional or classic art. Its warm and slightly grungy feel makes it seem like an antique, which would look great against a vintage wallpaper pattern or exposed brick. The frames in pewter are the shiniest of them all and would be a fantastic addition to any space that has been designed with a modern-industrial look in mind. And the iron frames straddle both antique and modern, their dark colour suited to both a light, open room and a cosy one with a fireplace and warm fabrics.

Vintage Industrial

The vintage-yet-modern industrial look is used in many different commercial spaces, particularly in converted buildings like old train stations and warehouses. Exposed brick and metal combined with leather upholstery, dark corners and sleek surfaces can be found in some of the most popular hangouts in every city. There's no reason why it should be only for trendy bars and restaurants and for you not to take it into your home too. You don't need to live in a grand loft conversion, either. Simply include Ferrosa frames in décor based on warm leathers, dark colours and a combination of metals and dark woods. Use your frames to complement either some contemporary art, photographic landscapes and panoramas, or historical photos.
As one of our High End ranges, the Ferrosa range is the perfect framing option for a contemporary, almost timeless look. It's a flexible range that opens up a variety of framing possibilities and doesn't limit your imagination.