Published: 24/02/2014 09:42:09

Back to basics with the Lancaster frame range.

Lancaster picture frame Sometimes we have to take pleasure from the simple things in life. Who needs picture frames that are the centre of attention? Frames that overpower the art they're framing are doing exactly the opposite of what they're supposed to do – complement the artwork within. Our high end Lancaster range is the perfect solution for an understated frame. Simple and rustic, but by no means boring, these wooden frames go back to basics without skimping on quality. And since they come in three colours, four sizes and with matching mount slips, you won't be short on choice either.


Lancaster picture frame The frames have been created with a rustic feel in mind; like our Brittany frames, they have an appearance of worn wood, with a natural-looking finish. Suited to a country or farmhouse inspired décor, these frames are designed to look like they have history. In a vintage style, but still with a contemporary feel, they look old but aren't old-fashioned. They should be surrounded by wood, warm colours and comfy furniture, rather than placed in an ultra-modern room.

Choice of colours

Lancaster picture frame The Lancaster frames are available in three different colours: Covered Bridge Grey, Split Rail Tan and Amish Black. The first of these is neither too dark or two light and its warm brown undertones highlight the grey, making it appear almost blue and transforming it into a nice neutral finish. The sandy tones of the Split Rail Tan with its rippled effect and delicate grey highlights provides a cool and light feel, ideal for a subtle frame. And the Amish Black is far from puritan, its charcoal finish streaked through with tantalising glimpses of dark wood grain.

Neutral and contrasting

All three colours would provide a nice edge to very colourful artworks, whether its the neutral tone of the grey or contrasting light and dark of the tan and black frames. A watercolour landscape would be the perfect thing to frame with the tan option, whether a pastoral in pastels or night scene in deep blues. The black frame can appear to be quite serious and imposing. It would go well with a piece of art that was equally imposing, but to bring out its friendlier side use it to frame something lighter and more colourful. Both the light and dark frames would be good complements to family photos too, whether they're in colour or black-and-white.
With so many ways to use these understated frames, there's no excuse not to start thinking about what to frame with them.