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Choosing the Perfect Picture Frame

A beautifully framed photograph or print is something that can really liven up a space, adding to the character and style of the room. But when it comes to hanging a picture, there's a lot more to think about than whether or not it looks wonky!

No matter how pretty the image inside an ugly mount and an ill-fitting frame are going to seriously ruin the effect.

The good news, with a few simple tips, you'll be able to nail the picture framing process. Just follow this simple guide from EzeFrame.

Buy a Custom-Made Picture Frame

One of the trickiest things about purchasing the perfect frame is getting the size right. Posters, prints and photographs, often come in stock sizes that easily fit into a ready-made frame - but what about when they don't?

If you've bought an original artwork or printed a photo to your own specifications, then you might find it tricky to track down a pre-made frame that actually fits. That's where online frame suppliers like EzeFrame can help.

Our custom frames are crafted to our customers' exact size specifications. That means you can design a tailored frame that fits your picture down to the last millimetre.

Pick the Perfect Picture Mount

One of the most commonly overlooked elements of picture framing is a good mount. While some images will work just fine without one, a well-chosen picture mount can really complement the artwork and give the whole frame a professional, striking appearance.

At EzeFrame we offer a variety of picture mounts, which are custom-made just like our frames. Our easy selection process means that with just a few clicks you can design a mount and frame combination that will really do justice to your artwork.

For a classic, understated look, opt for a narrow single mount in white or cream. If you're looking for something a little more distinctive, go colourful and double up on mounts. Portraits work perfectly in an oval mount, and smaller images are often well suited to a wide mount and a large, bold frame.

Decide on the Finishing Touches

A classic picture frame is slim, wooden, and finished in black, gold, or a simple clear varnish. But why limit yourself when there are so many options available?

At EzeFrame we offer a wide variety of different picture frame styles, ranging from natural wood to sleek metal to glossy, colourful finishes. You can also customise the width of your frame; we have different sizes available in many styles, starting at 7mm and going up to 90mm.

Lastly, remember that the most important thing you can do when choosing a picture frame is avoid rushing into a decision. If it's a picture worth hanging on your wall, then it's worth taking the time to choose the perfect mount and frame combination.

You can start your picture framing journey by checking out this page and all the styles we have on offer. If you're looking for multi aperture picture frames, EzeFrame can help with that too.

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