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Multi Aperture Picture Framing from EzeFrame

A beautiful framed photograph or print is the perfect addition to any room. Whether you're capturing a snapshot of a fun family holiday, or paying homage to your favourite film, the right image can make a world of difference to a living room, bedroom or office. Unfortunately, without the right frame, even the most captivating of pictures can be made to look cheap, out of place and even downright ugly. That's where EzeFrame can help.

Not only do we offer a variety of quality picture frames and mounts, we can also supply our customers with multi aperture picture frames. These are frames that come with a mount featuring multiple openings. They're perfect for housing a collection of photographs, but can also be a great option for postcards, or smaller drawings or prints.

Best of all? EzeFrame provides custom-made multi picture frames, meaning you can tailor your frame to your exact specifications and dimensions right down to the last millimetre. You can also choose between a number of different frame and mount styles and colours, allowing you to create something that perfectly complements the interior where it will be displayed.

Read on to find out more about creating your perfect multi picture frame.

Size and Layout

When creating your own custom-made multi aperture picture frame, it's important to start the process by deciding how many openings you will need. You will also want to think about what size of frame and image layout will work best.

At EzeFrame, our custom multi picture frames can include up to 16 apertures in a 4x4 layout. You can also fine-tune the sizes of every single aperture, which is good news if you are looking to frame a variety of photos or images in differing sizes.

Multi Aperture Picture Mounts

The next thing to consider is what kind of mount to use. Unlike a normal picture frame, all our multi frames must include a mount, as this is how the separate picture windows are created.

Once you have selected your overall size and layout, and fine-tuned the aperture sizes, you can choose whether to have single or double mounts. A single mount creates just the aperture windows, while the double mount option creates an individual border for each image. EzeFrame offers a range of different colours, and the opportunity to tailor the width of the mounts used.

Choosing The Perfect Picture Frame

The most important step in creating your perfect multi aperture frame is choosing the right frame. We stock an excellent variety of wooden and metal frames in white and black, and bright, dark and natural colours. We even offer a selection of ornate, gold, silver and bronze frames, which are perfect for adding a little touch of glamour and sophistication to your room.

The main thing to bear in mind is how well your chosen frame complements the pictures it will hold, and the interior where it will hang. If you are ordering a fairly large frame holding many images, for instance, it may be a good idea to opt for a framing style that is narrow and minimalist.

Glazing & Other Features

At EzeFrame we use high-quality, shatter-resistant acrylic to glaze our frames. We believe it is superior to glass for picture framing in many ways, as it is clearer, doesn't appear green in the light, and offers a higher level of UV protection. It's also far more lightweight, which means your frame will be easier to handle, hang and store.

Additional features to consider are brown tape, used to seal the backs of picture frames, and foam boards for packing out your frame or adding extra protection. And of course, you won't get very far in hanging that brand new multi frame if you don't have any picture hooks!

Ordering multi aperture picture frames from EzeFrame

Getting hold of a frame that perfectly suits a collection of images or photographs can be pretty difficult - but not with EzeFrame's straightforward custom service. We provide high-quality frames and mounts of every style and size, meaning all you have to worry about is filling in those dimensions, choosing the perfect mount and frame, and clicking 'Order'.

What's more, if you order online from us today, we can guarantee that your custom frame will be dispatched in one to three days. Picture framing has never been this quick and easy.