Published: 25/02/2016 12:00:19

Why A Good Frame Will Improve Your Picture Sales

If you're an artist who makes a living out of selling your paintings, drawings, prints or illustrations, it's likely that you prioritise good quality materials, efficient time management and a tight budget over everything else. There are no guarantees when it comes to living as a self-employed artist, and if money is tight it can be very tempting to try and cut corners when it comes to framing.
It's understandable why picture framing might come as an afterthought for many artists. Unless a frame is integral to the artwork itself, it can be easy to see it as a largely unimportant feature, created for the sole purpose of protecting the artwork from damage. Take some time to talk to customers and fellow art-lovers, though, and it's likely that you'll get a very different picture of things.

Convenience Creates Content Customers

Certain artists choose to leave their work unframed, allowing their customers to buy a frame of their own once they've purchased the piece. While some people may see this as a positive, others will find it a hassle to have to arrange a frame themselves at extra cost. In some cases, customers may even be put off buying the artwork in the first place. Framing your artwork yourself makes the buying process easier and more fluid - plus, you get to make the final decision, meaning you can save your artwork from falling into the hands of someone with poor taste in frames!

Not All Frames Are Created Equal

If you do decide to frame your work before you sell it, bear in mind that it's not as simple a process as bulk-buying discount, pre-made frames and shoving your artworks into them. Though you'll save money, the use of a cheap, shoddy frame may damage your chances of a sale more than using no frame at all. Ultimately, frame-making is an art in itself, and it's a good idea to turn to the professionals if you really want to make the most of your artwork.

Protecting the Goods

A poorly made frame is not only unattractive, it may also damage your artwork. Improper framing can lead to the artwork falling from the frame or the wall, and can leave it vulnerable to sun damage. Quality, custom-made frames, on the other hand, will be specially created to hold the weight of the artwork, and protect it from fading and yellowing through the use of UV-protected glass and specialised assembly techniques.

You Can't Beat Experience

Having your artworks framed by a professional is hugely advantageous. They can bring their years of experience to the project, helping to craft a custom-made frame that will complement, protect and preserve your artwork. Professional picture framing businesses also have a vast range of materials and styles to choose from, meaning you can commission the ideal frame and picture mount for your artwork or print. It's totally up to you how you choose to frame your artworks, but just bear in mind that some outsider perspective from a professional framer can be invaluable - they may even be able to suggest a framing idea that you didn't know was possible!